We at ORIGINAL ORGANICS herbals are dedicated to being environmentally-conscious + intentional – from what we create to what we consume, so we do our best to lessen our footprint from the creation of products + the ingredients used to make them to how they are packaged and shipped.


This is where we really shine, friends.  Thanks to amazing companies like Mountain Rose Herbs (from whom we source the majority of our ingredients), we can confidently stand by what we are putting into the products we create for you + your families.

IMG_6777Our herbs, oils, butters, beeswax, and essential oils are all as natural, chemical-free, and safe for you + the environment as we can get them.  Nearly all of our ingredients are certified organic, which means they have been grown/raised without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Where our ingredients are not certified organic, we indicate in our product descriptions. This is much more rare and something we are always working with.

We also wild-harvest many of our herbs or grow them ourselves, and this number is growing all the time.  We plan to start an organic herb farm in the future so that we can get our ingredients really local and connect directly with where our herbs come from.


Our containers are primarily glass + aluminum.  We try to avoid plastic as much as possible! Most containers are recyclable and can also be reused by our consumers in creative ways.

We are very proud to say we source or containers from Specialty Bottle, which has a warehouse local to us here in Nashville. This means we order in bulk and pick up our containers in person, saving copious amount of wasteful packaging materials (think: packing peanuts, bubble wrap, cardboard) it would take them to ship to us otherwise.

We are currently looking into options for using recycled paperboard containers to enhance the eco-friendliness of our creations.


All of our shipping + packaging materials are environmentally sustainable.  This mEcoEncloseeans that anything we ship comes in eco-friendly (biodegradable, recyclable, + made from recycled materials) packaging from EcoEnclose, a Colorado-based company.

The padded mailers + boxes we ship with are 100% recycled – all made from post-consumer and post-industrial content ♻️

We combine trips to the post office to ensure a lower carton footprint as well.